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Update by user Dec 22, 2013

So as of 12/21 have not heard a word from the company since I have smell issues and they missed an entire wall cavity. They continue to ignore my request. But boy they wanted their money the very minute the job was done.

I have gotten over the $287 dollar issue, but now I am dealing with other bigger issues.

Next stop, my attorney. What happened to customer service, customer satisfaction?

Original review posted by user Nov 20, 2013

So I pursued getting my upstairs sprayed foamed from a local contractor. We meant several times over a period of about 6 weeks or so. First I was only going to do an area over my garage. We then had another meeting and discussed additional work including the stairs up to the room from the garage as well as adding some additional space over the house.

Received a new contract/bid which was higher than the original bid which I thought included the stair well area but after the job was completed and I got my bill it was $287.00 more than the bid.

Called the owner and told him he charged me to much. From the very beginning he started yelling over the phone at me telling me it was my fault that I did not review the bid. This rant went on for some 10 plus minutes.

Here is my beef. If you change the terms of a contract/bid should you not inform the buyer that you did so? At least in the email you sent the attached contract/bid in? In my 40 years of business experience including contracts some exceeding $50 million I always informed the other party that there was a change in terms and or price if one existed. He never told me the new price did not include the stairs from my garage.

This owner said it was my fault that I did not read the contract/bid.

I guess it's buyer beware.

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